Friday, July 20, 2012

First ever Post!

Hi everyone that will ever read this!

Following some of my friends, I have decided to stop spamming facebook with all my new purchases and random ramblings (although I'm sure I will keep posting the funniest, stupidest etc.), and start a blog! Hahaha, I wonder if I can do this. (^-^;;)

So okay, first ever post! First off I will give a quick explanation of the title, I think.
Not so interesting, but then, that's okay, maybe(?).
Iki Iki (いきいき)is a Japanese onomatopoeia used to describe something or someone who is very livid; full of life! Which is what I hope to be, and how I hope this blog will be, hahaha! (^-^)b For the second part, I love panda's. Not just the big, lazy, over-eating, monochrome animal, but also the tiny, reddish little guy who likes to climb trees! I have a bit of both qualities, I'm afraid..

Now, what this blog will hopefully be about! I've been dabbling with fashion a little more lately, and I especially like Korean fashion and Japanese fashion. So, to join the army of bloggers, I have decided to showcase my better outfits online. ^-^ Maybe also add in a little of my shoppings, a few (a lot?) of selca's, and just some random messages on manga, books, music or whatever is keeping my mind occupied at that moment. =D

I hope to be a small source of amusement to you all, and that ofcourse, there will be a you all who actually reads this, haha. (^x^)


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